Crowds, crowds, crowds

February 3rd, 2012 at 5:16 pm by under Sports, Super Bowl

Indianapolis is incredibly crowded Friday afternoon, two days before the big game. Thousands of people have flooded the city’s streets- with many streets closed off to traffic and some surrounding streets moving so slowly that they might as well be closed.

It is in this extremely crowded atmosphere that I tried to secure a cab ride. With the streets so packed with people, free taxis are few and far between, even at the JW Marriott, the hotel that’s the destination of many famous people (I was definitely not the only one waiting for a cab there.) After leaving the hotel to try to find a cab of my own, I was finally able to get one several blocks away.

My cab driver told me that since the event began, he has been extremely busy, and a few of the people he has driven were former super bowl players (though he could not remember exactly which ones.

I finally made my arrival at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Airport about 30 minutes after getting into the cab (most of that time was spent in traffic). I am now at an event starring the New England Patriots cheerleaders! Stay with for more on this exciting event!

On the lookout for celebrities

February 3rd, 2012 at 3:07 pm by under Sports, Super Bowl

With all the fun activities available in downtown Indianapolis in advance of the big game, what would cause hundreds of people to spend hours just standing around outside a hotel? The search for celebrities, of course!

Hundreds of people are lined up inside and outside the JW Marriot hotel in downtown Indianapolis, where many famous names are staying.

Betty Widbin of New Palestine, IN is one of those who staked out a spot in the lobby to look for celebrities. Widbin, who lives nearby and has been driving into the city, says this is her fourth day of going to the events in Indianapolis. She told 22News that she has seen Tim Tebow, Adam Sandler, Deion Sanders, and Jimmy Fallon (she got tickets to his show, which airs on NBC.) “He was hillarious,” she said. While the celebrity sightings are exciting for her, she told 22News that she had really just originally came down to hang out, attend the free concerts, and watch people go down the zip line.

“We are proud of our city, we’ve never had anything like this around here this big, that’s for sure.” Widbin said. She added that the downtown area has really improved “This downtown is amazing now.”

Meanwhile 22News is also on the lookout for celebrities, at the JW Marriot so far I saw Vanilla Ice, but that was just as I was approaching the hotel and I was unable to get a picture. Stay with us, on air, online, and on the go- tonight we will be going to a New England Patriots cheerleader event, and will be on celebrity watch outside the exclusive St. Elmo’s Steakhouse!

We’re on our way!

February 2nd, 2012 at 10:05 am by under Sports, Super Bowl

22News is on its way to the big game! 22News reporter Ryan Walsh and I are currently at Chicago’s Midway Airport awaiting our flight to our final destination: Indianapolis, home of Super Bowl XLVI.

While we are on our trip to Indianapolis, we will be bringing you the excitement that this major event is bringing to this city! This event is not just about football; it has grown to a major cultural event and a place for the stars to be seen. We’ll be attending some VIP parties, and hopefully getting in some interviews with celebrities!

Stay with 22News on air, online, and on the go to keep track of our trip!