“Captain Phillips”

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Rated PG-13

2 Hours 15 Minutes

Tom Hanks, Catherine Keener, Barkhad Abdi

Tom Hanks gives perhaps his finest performance as the embattled “Captain Phillips” , the cargo ship skipper held hostage by Somali Pirates.

And the way Director Paul Greengrass vividly orchestrated this intense tale of survival on the edge, “Captain Phillips” combined all the ingredients for a terrific adventure.

Hanks confronts a terrifying situation very delicately.

Hanks combines his appealing everyman charisma with a truly believably performance. He’s dealing with desperate characters who don’t seem to grasp they’re on a suicide mission. Hank’s concern is with his crew and theirs with him.

Since “Captain Phillips” is based on fact and we pretty much know how the hijacking will play out, the building of unbearable suspense is all the more remarkable.

Throughout the ordeal, “Captain Phillips” still manages to show compassion for the wretched pirates.

The real “Captain Phillips” covered himself with glory, and so does this brilliantly directed seagoing adventure that rides the waves all the way with four stars.

Look for tom hanks to be nominated for another Oscar, and “Captain Phillips” to be honored as one of this year’s best films.

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