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Rated R

2 hours 5 minutes

Daniel Bruhl, Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde

Revve up your engines for “Rush”, Ron Howard’s super charged racing car drama. Two legendary drivers never let their rivalry interfere with their mutual respect. “Rush” is a deeply felt glimpse into what motivates these characters. They’re pursuing the same goal, perfection behind the wheels in their own way.

Dramatically the fine German actor Daniel Bruhl gives a fiery performance that completely overshadows the shallow Chris Hemsworth, whose just not in the same league as an actor.

Bruhl just can’t conceal his emotions, and you’ll marvel at the Intensity of his performance.

The thrilling racing scenes, so brilliantly orchestrated, are as realistic and nerve wracking as any ever brought to the screen.

But it’s the drivers’ psychological warfare on and off the truck that the true test of Ron Howard’s remarkable Directing skill.

Actually “Rush is less about racing that It is about the passions that drive adversaries over the edge. I’ve never seen a Ron Howard movie I didn’t enjoy, and “Rush” is in no danger of becoming the first. “Rush” crosses the finish line with three stars. This film is a worthy addition to your list of fall movies that you don’t want to miss..

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