“The Family”

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Rated R

2 hours

Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones

It’s been proven that the witness protection program only works when the protected Mobsters fit in with their new surroundings.

Thankfully for “The Family”, Robert DeNiro’s the same dysfunctional sociopath no matter where “The Family” goes.

DeNiro’s precocious teenagers must have also inherited their dad’s mob mentality. Not the best way to keep a low profile in their new French hideaway. Wife Michelle Pfeiffer thinks DeNiro really should tone down his violent tendencies.

DeNiro almost killed the only plumber in town for “ripping him off”. Unlike “The Family” which eagerly gives you you’re money’s worth.

Michelle Pfeiffer has never been better and the dark humor blends right in with the sudden shift into violent melodramatics. Which in less capable directing hands than Luc Besson, might have upset the tone of the film altogether.

I’m only disappointed that Tommy Lee Jones as “The Family’s” FBI protector wasn’t given a more substantial role.

And “The Family” even manages to sneak in some hilarious Gangster film satire. You can tell DeNiro was having fun spoofing characters he had played for dead seriousness in his younger days.

I’d have to go into hiding if I denied “The Family” a well justified three stars.

You’ll be wise to catch up with “The Family”.

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