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 One Star

Rated R

2 hours

Vin Diesel

I remember the night I saw “Riddick”. You could feel the disappointment when Vin Diesel fans filed out of the theater quickly and quietly. They had spent two terrible hours watching “Riddick”.

You can avoid that experience simply by staying as far away as possible from this tacky science fiction adventure.

Diesel’s the Interplanetary Outlaw taken prisoner by a post apocalyptic posse. Diesel’s defiant, and why not? The sloppy script would upset anyone.

Diesel’s character is more durable than you might imagine. He survived the two earlier “Riddick” adventures. I’m dumbfounded anyone wanted a second sequel. I certainly wasn’t clamoring for another rehash.

Since the filmmaker probably knew that “Riddick” couldn’t even please Vin Diesel diehards, he spent a little as possible bringing this cheaply made Turkey to the screen. And believe me, It looks cheap, slapped together quickly with all the tell tale signs of having no value to anyone.

Unlike much better movies the studios release to the theaters, they merely dumped “Riddick” into movie houses and hoped for the best.

And the best “Riddick” deserves can be summed up with one star. Whoever said some of the worst movies come out this time of the year certainly knew what they were talking about.

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