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One Star

Rated PG-13

1 hour 35 minutes

Ethan Hawke, Jon Voight, Selena Gomez

Let’s not mince words. If there’s a crummier movie this year than “Getaway”, I somehow must have missed it.

Ethan Hawke spends the entire repetitious film daredevil driving non-stop in a supped up sports car through the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria with assassins in hot pursuit.

And of course, he’s doing it against his will, to humor his wife’s kidnapper.

You too will scream bloody murder at having thrown out ten dollars to see this Turkey. Hawke’s every move’s being orchestrated by the unseen menacing maniac Jon Voight, who wisely tried hiding his identity behind a phony European accent.

Selena Gomez comes along for the joyride, proving nothing is too ludicrous for “Getaway”. Misery does love company. How does Hawke manage to run roughshod through the Bulgarian capital city on one tank of gas? Leaving moviegoers to choke on the fumes of this utter nonsense?

“Getaway” proves that even a savvy actor like Ethan Hawke can be a rotten judge of movies.

And only because we don’t have a graphic depicting no stars, I’m forced to give “Getaway” much more than this awful film deserved, with one star.

“Getaway” is the kind of movie that ought to be locked away.

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