“Closed Circuit”

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Rated R

1 hour 40 minutes

Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Jim Broadbent

The lawyers defending a terrorist bomber in a British courtroom could be playing a dangerous game. Especially since the mass murderer has connections with the secret service.

From there, “Closed Circuit unfolds into a gripping legal thriller. There’s even more tension since defense attorneys Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall are former lovers.

Secret meetings in the shadows keeps bringing together pieces to the baffling puzzle as to who and why.

Bana sees himself as clearly in danger. Anyone even a harmless looking cab driver can be tracking his every move.

The picture thrives on mysterious characters, whose cryptic words only compound the uncertainties. Bana is definitely in way over his head.

There’s nothing subtle about the threats. Rebecca is, as the British would say, made of sterner stuff than Bana, but she would definitely like to survive to the end of the movie.

The British do these cloak and dagger thrillers so well, and they’ve got the stylish character actors to make it all work convincingly.

No wonder the jury of satisfied moviegoers finds “Closed Circuit” exciting with a verdict of three stars. “Closed Circuit” is everything a good suspense thriller should be.

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