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Rated PG-13

2 hours 5 minutes

Ashton Kutcher,  Dermot Mulroney

If James Bond has a license to kill, then computer visionary Steve Jobs must have thought he had a license to be rude and arrogant.

If “Jobs” was still alive, he might object to the way Ashton Kutcher portrayed him as strident and uncaring, all in the name of revolutionizing technology with his Apple computers.

If Steve Jobs was such a tyrant, how come he assembled such a brilliant team of computer geniuses?

It’s one thing being a visionary among other visionaries, becoming the darling of corporate America something entirely different.

He’s informed that company shareholders don’t see beyond their own shadows and are only concerned with the here and now.

If you’re just concerned with characters that keep you engrossed in the movie, “Jobs” does its job as fine drama. Ashton Kutcher has captured the essence of the character better than I expected.

And “Jobs” has delivered what’s needed to tell the story of a driven man who was a genius at irritating people why didn’t understand him.

“Jobs” will rub you the right way by capturing three stars. And you don’t have to be a computer fanatic to enjoy “Jobs” either.

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