“Fruitvale Station”

August 4th, 2013 at 10:34 am by under A Look at the Movies


Rated R

1 hour 25 minutes

Michael B. Jordan, Octavia Spencer, Melonie Ortiz

You should know that “Fruitvale Station” isn’t just the Sundance Festival’s most honored film this year, “Fruitvale Station” is also one of the most powerful pictures you’re bound to see in your lifetime.

It’s a true story. We get to know a 22 year old African-American man before a Policeman killed him for no good reason at an Oakland, California, Subway station on New Year’s Eve.

Before the shock of witnessing everything going horribly wrong, “Fruitvale Station” takes us back to the man’s tender relationships during the final days of his life.

Oscar winner Octavia Spencer gives a brilliant performance as his Mother trying to save him from himself.

No matter how well you prepare yourself for the gripping injustice of what happens when the Police behave badly, you’re still overcome by the surge of emotion knowing what is going to happen.

Your memories of “Fruitvale Station” will remain so strong months from now, Oscar nominations seem more than likely.

You might even remember the Sunday morning “Fruitvale Station” 4 stars. It’s a movie you definitely have to see and admire.

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