“The Sapphires”

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4 Stars









Rated PG-13
1 hour 45 minutes

Chris O ‘ Dowd

I must tell you, every once in a while we’re treated to a lovable, sweet-natured celebration of life,
that just happens to be based on a true story. “The Sapphires” is that movie.

The wonderful Chris O’Dowd mentors the singing careers of four Australian sisters during the 1960s.

O’Dowd lovingly guides the Aboriginal quartet during the amusing and heartfelt transformation  into Motown Soul Sisters. What’s amazing is how well O’Dowd understands and instills in them the essence of soul music.

Their ambitions take on a harder edge when they get to live their dream of entertaining the troops during the Vietnam war.

“The Sapphires” is never anything less than inspiring and deeply touching. It’s as crowd pleasing an independent drama as you’ll find along the art house circuit with a cast of mostly unknowns giving memorable performances.

“The Sapphires” is an absolute gem of a tug at your heartstrings drama. You will be captivated by its warmth and charm. You’ll understand right away “The Sapphires” is one of the few films this year that deserves to be rewarded with four stars.

Just ask anyone whose had the pleasure of seeing “The Sapphires”.

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