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3 Stars

Rated R
1 hour 55 minutes

In a season usually made up exclusively of bubble headed blockbusters, comes a sobering chiller about the evils of the internet. “Disconnect” is designed to make your furious about what’s happening to us in Cyberspace.

This lean and mean commentary tells how supplicated technology, such as Cyber Bullying and Identity Theft can easily victimize the innocent and uninformed.

Art Imitates the terrible life experience of losing everything you own to the ruthless among us, who know how to manipulate a computer better than we do. This happens every day, but It’s no less powerful watching the suffering unfold on the big screen.

Then there are the vulnerable victims of Cyber Bullying and what they do to themselves when the pain becomes unbearable. When Technology is misplaced into the hands of the cruel and Immature.

If “Disconnect” tells us everything that we already know about, then how come the experience of seeing “Disconnect” is so unnerving?

You’ve got to give the writers credit for having the guts to depict anonymous texting as a weapon against the weak. “Disconnect” is the kind of provocative, controversial drama that I’m inclined to reward with three stars.

Considering how much this film has to say, “Disconnect” is well worth seeing more than once.


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