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2 StarsRated PG-13
2 hours 5 minutes

Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Melissa Leo

We should all know by now that when the studio releases a Tom Cruise movie in April, instead of during the peak Summer blockbuster season, the movie probably isn’t very good.

And “Oblivion” is just where this lame Science Fiction adventure will wind up.

Tom Cruise spends the picture bemoaning his memory problems from a past life. He just might want to forget this futuristic end of the world epic.

While he ponders the condition of the earthly remnants in the year 2077, Cruise and his playmate enjoy life in their posh intergalactic penthouse which looks strangely out of place amid all the desolation.

Morgan Freeman has little more than a bit role as an unexpected survivor.

However, even Freeman can’t inject any excitement into this slow moving futuristic adventure.

While Cruise copes with his memory problems, you’ll have no trouble recalling how many times we’ve seen all of this before.

The writers even sneak a romantic triangle into the drab plotline but nothing separates this film from its stupor. “Oblivion” is an exercise in artificial uplift that goes no higher than 2 stars.

I’m sure the Tom Cruise charisma will keep the picture in orbit for at least two weeks, but after that, word of mouth will send the film crashing into “Oblivion”.

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