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Three-StarRated R
1 hour 40 minutes

James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel

Imagine stealing a priceless painting and then under hypnosis, forgetting where you put it, It’s all in the mind-bending thriller “Trance”.
A stylishly gruesome thriller that might be too confusing for its own good. But then baffling plots have always gotten the best of me.
What is James McAvoy’s state of mind when he steals that priceless work of art right out from under the auctioneer’s nose? And then for the life of him, he can’t muster enough total recall to remember what he did with it.
Which puts him at a serious disadvantage with art thief mastermind Vincent Cassel.
Master manipulator Rosario Dawson, who If she doesn’t have McAvoy hypnotized in the palm of her hand, has him at the foot of her bed.
I promise you quite a run for your powers of deduction. That brilliant British Director, Danny Boyle, intensely orchestrates this twisty plot to perfection.
My advice before entering the theater, put your brain in overdrive. This film keeps you guessing right up until the devilishly clever conclusion. It’s enough to earn “Trance” 3 stars.
I guarantee, that you’ll give this thriller a lot of thought.

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