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Three-StarRated PG-13
2 hours 10 minutes

Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman

You can’t help but get angry when you see the bigotry and the hatred that greeted Jackie Robinson breaking the major league baseball color barrier in 1947.
“42″, Robinson’s legendary uniform number, is all at once inspiring and uplifting and a bitter commentary on redneck America wielding so much negative power.
In the face of all the crushing indignity, Jackie Robinson had to swallow his pride or he’d never succeed.
Newcomer Chadwick Boseman admirably portrays the baseball pioneer who had to absorb all the physical and emotional pain that went with being the first black man to wear a major league uniform.
Robinson’s name will forever be linked with the Brooklyn Dodger’s crusading General Manager, Branch Rickey, played by Harrison Ford.
Ford gives a flawless performance as he urged Robinson to have the guts to not fight back against the bigots who hoped he would fail.
The story telling involving Robinson’s struggles are pretty straightforward. The film focuses on his strength of character to break down barriers.
In one memorable scene, a Brooklyn teammate with Southern roots embraces Robinson in the face of red neck Cincinnati fans.
You can see why “42″ has our number. Now this heartfelt story succeeds in lifting our emotions to the pinnacle for 3 stars.
I’m just amazed why it’s taken so long for the Jackie Robinson story to reach the big screen.

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