“The Call”

March 23rd, 2013 at 10:41 am by under A Look at the Movies

Three-StarRated: R
1 hour 35 minutes

Hallie Berry
Abigail Breslin
Morris Chestnut

In the world of action thrillers, the 911 operators don’t just take the calls, but also solve the crimes.
Hallie Berry really gets into the spirit of the nerve wracking suspense. Berry’s about to find out that former child star Abigail Breslin is all grown up now, and she’s being targeted by a serial killer predator.
“The Call” comes through loud and clear as a high tension thriller part of the way, as Berry bonds with the terrified, kidnapped teenager. No one can accuse Breslin of under acting.
It’s only when Berry hangs up the phone and gets the urge to play detective, that the plot starts getting creaky around the edges. There’s nothing in her job description that requires her to track down the creep and give him a taste of his own medicine in the bargain.
Why do we get the Impression the writers may have seen “Silence of the Lambs” once too often?
“The Call” is a fairly decent thriller that generates enough excitement for an over the top 3 stars.
Some movies just aren’t expected to make any sense, but to simply entertain you.

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