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Three-StarRated R
1 hour 35 minutes

Starring: Ed Harris, David Duchovny, William Fichtner

Look, if you’re going to spend an hour and a half cooped up in a Russian Nuclear Submarine, it’s good to have a compelling story to keep us engrossed in the action.

“Phantom” takes us down deep into a fanatical cold war plot fifty years ago, that nearly plunged us all into world war three.

David Duchovny is back on the big screen as the KGB conspirator hatching the plot.

With the action unfolding at such close quarters, we feel Duchovny’s intense rivalry with the aging submarine commander, Ed Harris.

To the film’s credit, none of the actors even attempt to put on a phony Russian accent. “Phantom” depends entirely on its tense doomsday scenario for real authenticity.

Harris and company put on a good show exploring personal responsibility in the face of high ranking lunacy, and the cramped quarters aboard the Submarine only intensifies the tight spot that they find themselves in.

Everyone who enjoys a good, wartime suspense thriller will find “Phantom” more than see-worthy.

“Phantom” torpedo’s any doubts with 3 stars. So come aboard and take the plunge.

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