“A Good Day to Die Hard”

February 17th, 2013 at 10:54 am by under A Look at the Movies

Two_StarRated R
1 hour 40 minutes

Starring: Bruce Willis

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Bruce Willis action thriller classic, “Die Hard”.

The fourth sequel, “A Good Day to Die Hard’, is little more than a silly spoof of the original.

Willis comes to the aid of his son, a CIA spy, to rumble with the Russian bad guys in Moscow, where the dialogue is always over the top.

The running joke involves Willis winning the respect of his ingrate of a disrespectful son, who acts as If he’s not familiar with Dad’s back story.

Many of the scenes such as “Shoot the Glass” pay homage to the 1988 original. The father and son repartee carries cool to its most ridiculous extreme.

When junior asks if dad has a plan, Willis replies, we’ll just make it up as we go. And I suspect that’s exactly what the writers did, making it up as they went along. The film’s driven only by the desire to never apply the brakes to the demolition derby action scenes.

There’s always something visually going on to remind us of the original. A bad idea since everything in this woeful retread is strictly inferior. And the characters including the Icon himself are decidedly one dimensional. “A Good Day to Die Hard” is just a shallow shadow of the original. All the action in the world won’t win this sequel anymore than 2 stars. Bruce Willis has made one sequel too many.

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