“Silver Linings Playbook”

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Rated R
2 Hours

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro

Two poor souls with emotional problems become kindred spirits in the touching and funny off-beat love story called “Silver Linings Playbook”.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper give memorable performances as the troubled soul mates. They’ll dazzle you with their irresistible chemistry.

No sooner does Cooper get out of a mental hospital then he’s back driving his parents crazy.

Lawrence is on the verge of a nervous breakdown with problems of her own that she’s willing to share. In one of the film’s most amusing moments, it seems their prescription drugs give them something to talk about at social functions.

“Silver Linings Playbook” has you caring deeply about the characters. Director David Russell gets every last drop of sensitivity out of these mismatched lovers. Even Robert DeNiro, as Cooper’s frustrated father, delivers his most sensitive performance in years.

And who knows, love just might be the best medication of all.

What’s best about “Silver Linings Playbook”, unlike most movies today, the picture seems fresh and completely unpredictable. The plot is purely incidental to the appealing characters, who together help earn this superb human comedy four stars.

When you compare all of the holiday season movies, you’ll see that “Silver Linings Playbook” is pure gold.

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