Another Round of Snow

December 28th, 2012 at 9:59 pm by under Weather

We’ve been telling you about snow heading our way for today. At first it looked like a little bit of snow, but as time has gone on our more recent computer models continue to hint at a bit more of a troubling storm when it comes to snowfall.

The low pressure system responsible for bringing us this snow seemed like it was going to stay further off the coast, but with the latest computer model runs the storm has tended to adjust it’s course to bring it slightly closer in, with some heavy snow expected to parts of central Massachusetts, Rhode Island and even Connecticut.

Here in western Mass. we’re expecting our fair share of accumulating snow. Typically we see the most snow over the eastern slopes of the Berkshires. While that will sort of be the case with this storm, there could be a second (and potentially larger) jackpot area in eastern Hampden and eastern Hampshire county. Those areas are closer to the center of the storm system and could get some potentially heavy bands of snow.

The wobbling nature of our expectations for this storm system do bring with them some wiggle room when it comes to change. If we had consistency in our computer model forecasts we would feel much more confident about accumulations with this storm than we are now given the recent changes.

You can see our latest snowfall accumulation projections here. Keep in mind we may be adjusting these numbers up or down as we get close to the arrival of the snow, and even once the snow has arrived.

Bottom line, expect snow that will be shovelable and plowable. Eastern Hampden and eastern Hampshire County should be prepared for some more significant accumulations. The hilltowns of the eastern slopes of the Berkshires can expect your usual, higher-than-the-valley, snowfall accumulations.

We’ll be tracking the snow today on 22News at 6AM-10AM and again at 6PM and 11PM.

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