“Life of Pi”

December 1st, 2012 at 11:01 am by under A Look at the Movies

Rated PG
2 hours 5 minutes

Starring: Siraj Shamra, Ifran Khan

On its simplest level, “Life of Pi” is the beautifully photographed story of a shipwrecked boy bonding with a ferocious Bengal Tiger in the middle of the ocean.

But “Life of Pi” goes much deeper if you bother reading between the lines. Together with the wild animal he calls “Richard Parker”, newcomer Siraj Shamra battles the elements and their mutual fear of each other.

Director Ang Lee provides a breathtaking visual backdrop for his masterful story telling, that could earn Lee the top prize for cinematography.

He takes us back in a pivotal scene to the boy’s first attempt to make a friend of the Tiger years earlier at his father’s Zoo.

The director’s vivid imagination never lets their mutual adventures go stale. The beguiling story of their growing relationship keeps us enthralled. Animal and human have come to realize how much they depend on each other for survival.

“Life of Pi” is pure and simple a work of art, embellished with a charming story that constantly works on your emotions. What better film to reward with four stars?

It’s a film for the whole family to enjoy together.


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