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Rated PG-13
2 hours 30 minutes

Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field

If the Motion Picture Academy awarded an Oscar for the most probing and provocative political drama of all time, “Lincoln” would be strongly in the running.

Steven Spielberg’s breathtaking study into Lincoln’s political savvy is this year’s finest film.

Daniel Day-Lewis lives the role with intense passion. He’s a man possessed with an agenda to convince skeptical lawmakers to abolish slavery and it won’t be easy.

Lincoln’s backroom politicking should be an inspiration to students in the art of getting your way with seemingly gentle persuasion.


In the Daniel Day-Lewis masterful performance, we see a brilliant mind and understood human nature.

“Lincoln” respects its audience with much the same fervor as the 16th President’s portrayed as respecting human dignity. “Lincoln also heralds the comeback of Sally field. Her fiery performance as Mary Lincoln all but assures her an Oscar nomination.

And when I think how many more tickets are being sold for “The Twilight” foolishness instead of “Lincoln”, it’s depressing.

“Lincoln” is one of the great films of this generation. I only wish there were more than four stars.

It’s a beautifully told, uplifting film destined for big things the night of the Oscars.

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