“Silent Hill Revelation”

November 3rd, 2012 at 10:39 am by under A Look at the Movies

Rated R

1 hour 35 minutes

Sean Bean, Adelaide Clement, Kit Harrington

When one of the terrified characters in “Silent Hill Revelation” blurts out, “this is the town that Hell calls home,” you know you’ve come to the wrong place, or in this case, the wrong movie. The freaky ghost town holds an eerie fascination for a traumatized teenager who’s been there before.

If the acting seems stiff and stilted just wait until the story unfolds.

This is a grim and gruesome sequel to the equally sickening original. “Silent Hill’s the only place in purgatory where a terrified teen can find a kindred spirit with as little talent as the other.

Without anything actually scary ever happening, “Silent Hill Revelation” depends on a lot of stomach turning imagery to arouse its audience. Not only is this foolishness dreadful to watch, it’s so confusing even the characters seem lost. Adelaide Clements asks, “Vincent, what is going on? Vincent replies, “I don’t know”.

Well I couldn’t decipher the silly plot either. Nor would the picture be any better if we knew what was going on. This “Silent Hill” sequel definitely deserves to wind up in the neighborhood of one star.

Don’t even consider making “Silent Hill” your movie going destination.

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