The Weekend Before Sandy

October 27th, 2012 at 7:15 am by under Weather

We continue to analyze the latest computer forecast models as well as the outlook for Sandy and we’re getting a better idea what to expect when Sandy pulls into the Northeast.

As of 8AM Saturday, Sandy is a Hurricane with sustained winds at 75 MPH with gusts near 90 MPH.

The latest track shows Sandy running parallel to the coast before making a hook left toward the Northeast.

As far as the closer track goes, it looks like Sandy will fluctuate between a strong Tropical Storm and then briefly strengthen to a Category 1 strength Hurricane on Monday and make landfall as either a Cat. 1 Hurricane or strong Tropical Storm. Landfall looks to happen anywhere from Northern Virginia to Long Island. The further north landfall is…the closer western Massachusetts will be to the strongest winds.

Speaking of winds, it looks like western Massachusetts should expect tropical storm force winds from the second half of Monday into early Tuesday. That means winds 39-74 MPH winds. Hurricane force winds SHOULD stay to our southwest. IF the storm center moves further north, we could be dealing with stronger winds.

While our computer models are in much more agreement on the location of Sandy’s landfall…the difference of a few hundred miles could mean a big difference for us. Here are some of the different forecast models for where the center of Sandy makes landfall.


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