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Rated R

2 hours

Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin, John Goodman

Who would have thought that “Argo”, which is just about the most suspenseful Political thriller this year, would also be one of the most amusing?

“Argo’s” the true story of CIA agents trying to smuggle American embassy workers out of Iran during the hostage taking crisis in 1979.

Ben Affleck has to sell his CIA bosses on the crazy idea the six are in Iran to make a movie.

On one side, “Argo’s” a gripping slice of Middle Eastern turmoil with the Americans frightened for their lives.

On the other side, Affleck recruits skeptical movie director Alan Arkin to join their mission impossible to sneak the embassy people out of Iran.

Affleck also directed this brilliantly made Docu-Drama that reaches a new high for finger nail biting tension.

His CIA character knows full well that the slightest slip up in their elaborate scam can be fatal. The Iranians may be fanatics but they’re no fools.

What makes “Argo” all the more amazing is that it’s all true. The incident’s been kept secret all these years, but it’s no secret I loved “Argo” so much the picture gets a glowing pay off with 4 stars.

“Argo” is what you’d call a riveting experience.

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