Gettin’ in shape and workin’ it out!

May 30th, 2012 at 1:40 pm by under Fitness

Here’s an exciting update: I’ve lost 4 pounds! There is nothing more satisfying than learning that all of your willpower to refuse fatty, delicious food is really making a difference. Oh, and of course, all of my perseverance to continue my workouts!

I took a zumba class at Healthtrax last week with Renee, which was a blast! The lights were off (but there was enough light to see what was going on…don’t worry, it isn’t pitch black zumba), the music was pumpin’, I was having a great time. There was this one dance where we pumped our arms for what seemed like 10 minutes straight. I think I built 1 pound of muscle from that one dance alone — my arms were killing me!

Also last week, I sat down with one of my personal coaches Henri Lafond, who gave me 4 different exercise combos to do when I stop by the gym on my own. He means business, that Henri. While I used to be intimidated by all of the exercise equipment and free weights, I feel much better now that I’ve learned how to use it to my advantage. My four exercises:

1. Squat Curl Press AKA “Ball on the Wall”

2. Glute bridge with tricep extension

3. Split squat with lateral raise

4. Ab maneuver with leg raise & chest fly

I’ve learned a few key things:

–Use lighter weights and more reps to tone up

–Never be afraid to ask the trainers around the gym if you need help with anything

–Glistening is good (also known as sweating, but glistening sounds more fancy)

I’m looking forward to my next check in. My next class: spinning! I’ll keep you posted!

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