Orange Snookis and Purple Squirrels

February 8th, 2012 at 10:06 am by under Weather
Courtesy: Percy & Connie Emert

Things you will find at the Jersey shore:

The beach..the boardwalk..Funtown orange-tinted Snooki..
Things you will find in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania:
The Susquehanna ice skating rink..a community pool..a purple squirrel.
I can’t make that last one up.  The picture to the left verifies a purple squirrel was trapped in Jersey Shore, PA!  This silly-looking squirrel was found by a local couple, Percy and Connie Emert.
The Emerts have bird feeders in their yard and apparently the squirrels have a habit of getting into them.  (We actually have the same problem here at our station..)  Percy Emert uses peanut-baited traps to catch the squirrels, then he releases them far away from their bird feeders.
Connie Emert was the one who originally spotted the purple squirrel.  She kept telling her husband, Percy, that she saw a purple squirrel in the yard.  (OK, now what would your wife or husband say if you said you saw a purple squirrel??)  He checked the trap around Noon on Sunday, and sure enough, this squirrel in all his/her purple glory was sitting in the trap!
The Emerts insist they did not dye the squirrel purple!  I’m sure people will come up with several different theories as to why this little guy is purple: got into some purple ink, purple paint, maybe even a port-a-potty..
Whatever the reason behind its unusual tint, this squirrel has definitely given the other Jersey Shore its 15 minutes of fame!
-Meteorologist Ashley Baylor

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