The perfect site for a Super Bowl

February 6th, 2012 at 11:16 am by under Sports, Super Bowl

Throughout the past week, commentator after television commentator has remarked about how Indianapolis has been a perfect host city for the biggest event in American sports. Having been in the city for the event myself, I can tell you that this is also something I have heard over and over again by a whole range of people; from celebrities on the red carpet to fans on the street. What is it that has made Indianapolis,a first-time host city, such a great place to have the Super Bowl?

The weather, of course, may have something to do with people’s feelings. With the exception of some rain on Saturday, the weather has been nothing but unseasonably warm, sunny, and beautiful. No harsh Midwestern winter here! Contrast that with last year’s Super Bowl in Dallas where it snowed in the normally much warmer city.

To give more credit to the city itself, though, Indianapolis is a very walkable city. The stadium itself is right downtown, and venues for most Super Bowl events have also been right within the downtown area, with few exceptions (I had to travel several miles away to a hotel near the airport for a Patriots’ Cheerleaders event.) This convenience of location is not universal for Super Bowls. Ryan Walsh remembers going to Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Arizona. While the stadium was in the suburbs, most events for that game were several miles away in Phoenix.

The other thing that has made the experience so positive for so many is the nature of the people here. In these parts, they call it “Hoosier hospitality;” the people of this city have really welcomed travelers with open arms. Hundreds of scarf-wearing volunteers are posted everywhere tourists may be, from the airport to hotels to downtown street corners; ready to answer questions and to wish you a “super day.” Even Patriots fans have felt the love in a city obsessed with the rival Colts.

There is such a pride people who live here have in their city. They are proud that Indianapolis has gotten to be in the national spotlight, and they are also proud that people are recognizing what they have known all along. Sean Rocke grew up Enfield, but has since moved to Indianapolis. “This is the country’s best-kept secret right here, Indianapolis.” Rocke said. “You can afford to live here, raise some kids out here. Very pleased to be here.”

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