Breaking it down

February 6th, 2012 at 3:08 pm by under Super Bowl

What a difference a day makes! Less than 24 hours after kickoff in Super Bowl XLVI, downtown Indianapolis is a completely different city.

To be sure, it is no ghost town downtown. With the thousands of workers combined with several hundred tourists still milling about, there is plenty of activity here. Yet the differences are huge. I’m posting this from Monument Circle, which is home to the iconic Super Bowl numerals. Just a day ago, there were huge crowds of people here, snapping pictures and hanging out at this landmark in the heart of the city. Today, you’ll see the occasional dozen or so people stopping to take some pictures before those enormous numbers come down (as pictured, a smaller set of numerals that were kept close to the stadium have already been loaded onto a truck to be hauled away.)

Speaking of taking things down, the work of taking it all down is really what has consumed the Super Bowl Village, several blocks south of here. Georgia Street has been transformed into a pedestrian mall for the event, and while cars are still not being allowed to pass down the street, it’s not for pedestrians’ sake; it’s because they need room for construction crews to take down the signs, scaffolding, beer tents, and awnings that filled the roadway.

For those who did not get out of town Monday morning, there are some advantages: in addition to being able to enjoy what Indianapolis has to offer without having to fight off massive crowds, everything is a lot cheaper! Parking lots have returned to their normal prices, taxi cabs are running at their going rate, and as you might imagine, Super Bowl merchandise is retailing for half price.

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