Where the media watches the Super Bowl

February 5th, 2012 at 6:03 pm by under Sports, Super Bowl

Watching a football game on television, you clearly notice that the commentators broadcast from a press box located high up in the stadium; a room that offers panoramic views of all the action on the field. If you look closely at the sidelines, you can also see TV cameras and photographers, capturing the action of the game.

Most members of the media, however, do not have the great views provided by on-field access and high panoramic perches. There simply isn’t enough room. Most of us have to watch the game just like you do: on television.

Here at Super Bowl XLVI, 22News is one of hundreds of news organizations with reporters inside the many media workrooms at Lucas Oil Stadium. The workrooms feature long tables filled with power strips to plug in the electronic devices you need to do your work. There are also several large screen TV’s for watching the big game.

While you don’t get the live view and some of the excitement of the action on the field, there is at at least one up-side: food and drinks are free!


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