No revenge for the Pats

February 5th, 2012 at 11:13 pm by under Sports, Super Bowl

Another Super Bowl, another heartbreaking loss for the Patriots. The Pats and Giants met in Indy for a rematch of Super Bowl XLII, and the second time around turned out not to be better than the first time.

Inside Lucas Oil Stadium, you can plainly see the huge difference in emotions. Tens of thousands of giddy Giants fans remained in the stadium amid showers of confetti as the G-Men were awarded their second Lombardi Trophy. Patriots fans made a hasty retreat to the exits, quietly and disappointed; a feeling that is surely felt back home to the millions of New Englanders watching the game on television.

Despite the Pats’ disappointment, it was a game to remember; the first points scored came off a safety due to an intentional grounding call against Tom Brady, and while Brady otherwise performed extremely well, so too did Eli Manning and the Giants.

There was one thing for Western Massachusetts football fans to cheer about; among the game’s standouts: UMass-Amherst alum Victor Cruz, who danced his now-famous salsa after scoring the game’s first touchdown.


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